Since the 1st of October, the Know-Center has been researching an efficient tool for recording, analysing and evaluating air quality in rooms in the FFG project COMFORT. Project partner: Institute for Heat Engineering (TU Graz) and BMVIT.

Abstract FFG project description:

Initial Situation: Traditionally, building service engineering has had a strong focus on energy efficiency, which leads to non-satisfying comfort conditions for the user on some occasions. Additionally, room and operating conditions are currently insufficiently recorded and recog-nized, as the number of sensors used and the physical values measured are limited.

Goals and innovation: This project sets out to maximise the experienced user comfort by moni-toring room conditions, considering human comfort, energy efficiency, and operational effi-ciency alike. The overall objective is to gain precise knowledge of states of thermal comfort and indoor air quality by approaches new to building and service technology. Room condition measurement (with control systems and in-situ comfort measurements alike) provides input data for simulations of room, services and control of different scenarios with changing bounda-ry conditions. The multimodule data corpus is the basis for a coupled simulation and machine learning assisted data analytics yielding new models for comfort assessment and prediction. Accompanying measurement data and simulation are dynamically coupled (hardware in the loop HIL).

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