The e-Nova conference is hosted by the FH Burgenland. In contrast to the previous years, this year’s instalment was conducted as an online event due the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions. Heimo Gursch from the Know-Center presented the COMFORT publication with the title “Soft Sensors for Perceived Human Comfort in Office Rooms Based on a Combination of Building Simulations and Data-Driven Modelling”.

The presentation consisted of three parts. The first part described the data sources and the Data Management System (DMS) developed in COMFORT. The second part presented the method and the results of the solar radian models providing soft sensors for direct and diffuse solar radiation. The last part dealt with soft sensors for temperatures and air flows derived from BES and CFD simulations.

Even tough the conference was conducted as an online event, there was a lively discussion about the results of COMFORT and future application emerged after the talk. The organisers provided an online forum to facilitate these discussions. The publication is online available at